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odour control systems

Wherever there is an odour issue, odour complaint, odour emissions or a requirement for an odour control system, Air Spectrum have a solution. We have an extensive range of odour control equipment and odour misting systems that are used to control odour emissions in outdoor, indoor and localised situations, with both mobile and permanent odour control solutions for industrial odour control.

Air Spectrum offer industrial odour control across a wide range of businesses including odour control systems for waste management, waste transfer stations and landfill sites. Air Spectrum are leading suppliers of odour control misting systems and odour neutralisers to the waste water industry and when the odour problem is in anaerobic digestion or composting operations we have a range of odour elimination solutions specifically designed to manage odour problems on a widespread or localised basis.

Air Spectrum manufacture exclusively in the UK and distribute industrial odour and dust control equipment as well as odour control chemicals worldwide offering both purchase and rental solutions. We also provide an odour consultation service through our sister business Spectrum Environmental Support (specialist in odour, dust and consultancy services),  providing you with the necessary information, advice and equipment to control your odour problem at the right level.

air spectrum odour misting systems


Air Spectrum odour misting systems are used to deliver a high pressure spray of super-fine water vapour to a designated area as an odour control measure. (Our equipment is also suitable for use for dust control.) The odour is controlled using neutralising chemicals; our Odr range of neutralisers are designed to eliminate odours in specific industries, providing an tailored solution for your exact odour problem.

We supply and install fixed industrial odour control equipment. Our Pacific range uses a high pressure, multi-nozzle dispersal delivery to a localised area with industrial odour issues, and can be set to specific days and times with a seven-day timer control.

We also offer portable odour misting systems such as our Pacific Mobile range which can be taken directly to the source of the odour problem whenever and wherever necessary. This industrial odour suppression equipment is trailer mounted and diesel powered. Mobile odour control equipment can be deployed with minimal fuss and disruption in short turnaround times combatting localised odour problems on demand.

We also offer a range of odour neutralisers in our Odr odour neutralizer range, Odr is used to neutralise odours by removing them from the air, rather than simply temporarily masking them. Odr odour neutraliser is dispersed where odour is a nuisance using odour misting systems such as rotary atomisers and nozzle line misting systems. Odr can be used in most types of equipment.

Odr industrial odour neutraliser products are also available in scented varieties, for situations where adding an additional pleasurable scent may be necessary. Scents include pine, eucalyptus, orange, bubble-gum, vanilla, strawberry, green grass, cherry, lemon and peppermint.

Truly global odour misting systems

Operating worldwide, we have a global network of trained distributors supplying odour control systems and odour misting systems for industrial odour control, with new distributors joining us every month.

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dust control

Air Spectrum also specialise in the UK manufacture and supply of dust control solutions, providing a range of misting systems and dust suppression systems to control dust in outdoor, indoor and localised situations. The Air Spectrum dust control and dust suppression systems can be temporary, permanent, planned or retro-fitted to existing environments; including aggregates, quarries, mines, materials recycling and biomass facilities, construction and demolition, manufacturing, equine and roadways. Air Spectrum dust suppression systems can be used with and without chemical additives and can be used to suppress a wide range of dust including: concrete dust, timber, brick, soil, paper, gypsum, ash, biomass, coal, glass, sand, equine dust and most other dust applications and the dust suppression systems are designed to work effectively in mixed dust environments including hopper loading, tipping, shredding, trommel decks, conveyor transfer points, air knives, bailers and in open spaces and roadways.

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Air spectrum are a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending their products and their teams to other companies...

- Josh Westwood, Gestamp Tallent Limited

The after sales has been exceptional and we have opened a service plan agreement with them. As well as the skilled engineers there is also a systematic sales team...

- Robin Evans, Gwynedd Council

Air Spectrum worked to a very tight deadline and fitted the system in less time than I thought possible...

- Tony Collins, Veolia Environmental Services PLC

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