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Air Quality
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Chemical Additive Slide Odour Eliminator ODR Odour Neutraliser FlyGoPro We supply a range of effective chemical additives for use alongside our equipment. This range includes ODR odour neutraliser, and FlyGoPro, a non-toxic insecticide. Effective
Chemical Additives
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Prioritising Air Quality


Dust Suppression

We offer a range of fogging equipment and chemicals to target dust and keep your air clear.


Odour Control

Our powerful ODR additive combined with our range of fogging equipment fights odour.


Air Quality Monitoring

Our range includes indoor and outdoor air quality solutions for monitoring


Consultancy & Lab Testing

Our consultancy department, Spectrum Environmental Support, offers a variety of assessment. Our on-site laboratory Spectrum OdourLab offers analysis


Chemicals and Additives

Disinfection, Odour Control, Dust Suppression and Insecticides are included in our range


Maintenance & Servicing

We offer a range of services to suit individual needs and requirements, including bespoke equipment maintenance


Misting Equipment Ranges

Speak to a member of our team: Call +44 (0) 1905 362 100

Prioritising Air Quality since 1994

Air Spectrum Environmental is an international manufacturer and supplier of odour neutralisers and odour control systems, dust suppression and dust control systems and insect control systems for permanent installations and mobile applications. We have our own brand of additives for odour, dust and fly control which have been developed to work optimally in our systems, successfully controlling odour, suppressing dust and controlling flies through controlled delivery.

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Responsible for over 4000 yearly deaths in the workplace, #WorldCOPDDay raises awareness of the disease.

Exposure to #airbornedust particles can be a cause of #COPD. Prioritise the air you breathe at work and stay protected from harmful #dustparticulate.

A new global agreement introduced in response to the #climatecrisis.

It's a step in the right direction towards the end goal of keeping temperature rises within 1.5c – which is said to be essential to prevent a “climate catastrophe”.

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The pandemic hasn’t only changed the way we work, but the way we prioritise #airquality.

Better air quality is essential in increasing #productivity and mood, reducing absenteeism and improving #sustainability.

Looking to improve your air quality?

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