Addressing the elephant in the office – our new team member causing a buzz!

Last year we saw new members join the team – one of which was a new four-legged friend. We welcomed Meila to the Air Spectrum Family.


After an important team discussion and vote our lovely elephant (previously known as ‘Hive in the Herd’) was renamed Meila, as Meil means honey in Spanish – which felt only right for a bee covered elephant.


Where did she come from?

Meila came from Worcester’s Big Parade which took place across 8 weeks during summer 2021, beginning Tuesday 13th July and closing on Sunday 5th September. The parade featured decorated and designed elephants across the city, allowing the public to embark on an 6- mile ‘elephant trail’ of art.

Each elephant sculpture was sponsored by a business and designed by an artist, from Worcestershire and further afield. Following the event, all elephants were auctioned off to raise money for St Richard’s Hospice and the event raised £368,800 for the charity. Which is why our director and Spectrum Group Director, Steve Hunt, decided to purchase Meila, due to links with St Richard’s Hospice and the work they do.

Why meila?

Out of all 30 elephants up for grabs at the auction – Meila (Hive in the Herd) was the chosen one as she felt like a positive representation of the environmentally friendly focus Air Spectrum Environmental prioritise and represents Worcester (where we’re based). The hive and bees designed on the elephant highlight contributions to a healthy environment. 

Meila now takes pride of place in the reception at our head office in Worcester, where she’ll live for the foreseeable.

the artist: jess perrin

Our elephant was designed by local Birmingham artist Jess Perrin.

The piece was “inspired by scientific and vintage illustrations of wildlife, ‘Hive in the Herd’ looks almost as though it is a page from an aged but loved book. Using muted browns and a sketchy style to mimic traditional ink drawings, this elephant looks stunning out on the trail against the beautiful backdrop of historic Worcester and modern Hive building.”