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Material Testing &
Product Certification

odour testing and certification of products and materials

Material and product testing services can offer valuable insights into the nature and levels of odour released from a variety of consumer and material goods.

Independent odour testing methods provided by an accredited laboratory can be used to equip clients with robust scientific insights into the odour performance and sensory experience of their products or materials.  

Bespoke testing programmes using a standardised set of techniques enable the sensory experience associated with a product to be assessed in both a subjective and objective manner. 

Subjective testing methods utilise panels of certified human assessors to measure the perceived level and character of odour emitted in a set of controlled test conditions. Recognised techniques include ISO 16000 – part 30 “sensory testing of indoor air“.

Objective testing methods utilise molecular analysis techniques to identify and quantify the specific compounds present. This approach assists research and development teams to understand the reasons behind any potential odour issues.

Our UKAS accredited odour laboratory offers a range of test programmes that enable us to support organisations through: 

  • Providing third party approval and certification of a products odour performance in accordance with regulatory and industry standards such as ISO 16000-28 (Determination of odour emissions from building products using test chambers). 
  • Product development and optimisation to improve odour performance and meet industry quality assurance criteria.   
  • Validating marketing claims through independent test data, providing a competitive advantage to new or existing product lines.  

applications & sectors

Product and material testing can be applied within a variety of sectors where bespoke testing programmes can be designed to assess key odour performance parameters including: 

  • Independent certification of low odour products or materials enables manufacturers to quality stamp and market their products based on the confidence that scientific data provides.  
  • Accredited measurements of the levels of odour emissions released from materials in accordance with BS EN 13725:2003 – Air Quality. Determination of odour concentration by dynamic Olfactometry.  
  • Product performance trials that highlight the odour reduction abilities of a specific product in comparison to other competitor brands. 
  • Sensory evaluation of the olfactory properties of a consumer product such as perceived intensity and hedonic tone using expert certified human assessors in line with ISO 16000: 30 – Sensory testing of indoor air.  

Material Testing and Product Certification is suitable in a range of sectors, including:

  • Consumer Goods
  • Automotive
  • Building Materials
  • Continence Care & Ostomy Products
  • Textiles
  • Plastic
  • Pet Care Accessories
  • Consumer Goods & Fragrances

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