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Occupational Exposure

Monitoring and controlling exposure risks within the workplace

Workplace Air Monitoring: 

Our consultancy branch – Spectrum Environment Support (SES) offers Workplace air monitoring assessments to provide vital information about the levels of airborne dust and chemical vapours that employees may be exposed to within the workplace. The information obtained from monitoring assessments enable organisations to assess and control exposure risks in line with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH Regulations 2002) .

COSHH air monitoring surveys can be designed on a site-specific basis to demonstrate that hazardous substances within the working environment are below all the current workplace exposure limits (WEL’s). 

Benefits of COSSHH Air Monitoring Surveys:

  • Compliance with COSHH & Workplace exposure limits (WEL’s).
  • Verifying that control measures reduce exposure to safe legal levels.
  • Informing employers to select respiratory protective equipment with the correct protection factor .
  • Forming part of a comprehensive COSHH risk assessment.
  • Evaluating the spread of contamination and identifying corrosive & explosive atmospheres.  
  • Identifying if Health surveillance monitoring is required.


COSHH Air sampling surveys can be applied to a variety of workplace environments where the need to measure people’s exposure to hazardous substances is critical to maintaining a safe working environment.  

Personal exposure monitoring assessments measure the levels of hazardous substances within the breathing zone of an individual and can be designed assess exposure risks in the following sectors:

  • Assessment and control of Inhalable dust and respirable crystalline silica exposure within the Construction and Mineral Processing industries. 
    Monitoring exposure to solvents and Volatile Organic Compounds within the Chemical Processing and Manufacturing sectors.
  • Bespoke Isocyanate exposure assessments in a range of Automotive and Surface Treatment industries. 
  • Bioaerosol and endotoxin monitoring studies within the Waste Management and Anaerobic Digestion sectors.
  • Welding fume exposure assessments In the steel fabrication and processing industries. 

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