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Air Quality Monitors & Purifiers

Air Spectrum supplies a full range of indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring solutions. A lot of our monitoring equipment is available for both rental and purchase.

Whether you are looking for an indoor air quality monitoring device to monitor the workplace environment, measure output of pollutants or collect samples to send off for analysis, we have equipment readily available to assist in an array of applications, on multiple levels of monitoring and assessment. 

Our air purification range offers the hospital-grade HEPA13 UVC Rensair portable air purification system. Innovative in its design, it is effective against dust control, small particulate, bacteria and viruses – including coronavirus.

Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Ready-to-use advanced smart system for the monitoring and assessment of air pollutants and environmental issues indoors.

Outdoor Air Quality Monitors

Mcerts accredited, highly flexible system for evaluating the issues surrounding site nuisance and environmental matters.

air purifiers

Using HEPA13 filters and ozone-free UVC light, Rensair kills 99.97% bacteria and viruses (including coronavirus) and cleans the air.

Services to support our Air Quality Monitor Range

As well as offering air quality monitors, we also offer an air quality monitoring service via our consultancy department, Spectrum Environmental Services. This involves having one of our air quality consultants visit your site and provide you with an assessment and a strategy for ongoing air monitoring services or advice for resolving any outstanding issues.

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