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Air Quality Monitors & Purifiers

Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Ready-to-use advanced smart system for the monitoring and assessment of air pollutants and environmental issues indoors.

Outdoor Air Quality Monitors

Mcerts accredited, highly flexible system for evaluating the issues surrounding site nuisance and environmental matters.

Air Spectrum supplies a full range of indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring solutions. A lot of our monitoring equipment is available for both rental and purchase.

Whether you are looking for an indoor air quality monitoring device to monitor the workplace environment, measure output of pollutants or collect samples to send off for analysis, we have equipment readily available to assist in an array of applications, on multiple levels of monitoring and assessment. 

Air Quality

Air quality assesses the degree of which the air is particle free. Improving air quality can reduce the harmful effects of poor air quality and help to create healthier environments.

Air quality can be poor both indoor and outdoor. Within the outdoors, poor air quality is often caused by pollution, contributors can include exhaust fumes, burning fossil fuels for the domestic and industrial coal industry, oil, diesel, lead, soot, and smoke. The most common pollutants known for contributing to air pollution include, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and carbon monoxide. 

Poor outdoor air quality can be harmful for the respiratory system, potentially causing asthma and short-term affects could cause headaches and dizziness.

Within the indoor environment, poor indoor air quality can be created from pollutants in the air such as VOCs, which include air fresheners or cleaning products, carpet fumes or fumes from furniture and materials. Not to mention, poor ventilation in indoor environments can have a huge contribution to poor air quality.

Poor air quality can be detrimental to health and can have minor and major effects on us when exposed to it. The most common effects of poor air quality include feelings of sluggishness, absenteeism, and unproductiveness. More serious effects can include irritation in the eyes, nose and throat or respiratory issues including asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

Within the air, viruses, bacteria, and other particulate exists around us and can be spread easily within the indoor environment. Improving air quality is suggested to improve moral, productivity and provide a more pleasant and healthy indoor environment.

Air quality monitoring involves assessing levels of ambient air pollution levels within the environment. Air quality monitoring is essential to creating healthier air for us and improving health overall. Monitoring will help assess the level of pollutants within the air and supply data that can be used to reduce them. The pollutants in the air can be harmful when breathed in which is why air quality monitoring is important in identifying air quality issues.

Air Quality Monitors:

Air quality monitors and air quality detectors can provide real-time data of the indoor air quality of an environment. Air quality monitors assess key harmful pollutants in the air and provide data which can be acted upon to improve air quality.

What data can it collect?

AirGloss Prosense is an air quality monitor that can detect key air pollutants, including, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, methane and TVOCs. Providing the opportunity to monitor these pollutants, Airgloss Prosense can provide an air quality measurement, identifying pollutants that are rising or detect them in the air and allow you data that can be acted upon to improve the indoor air – introduction of an air purifier could support improving air quality. The Airgloss ProSense is also easily accessible with online platforms, mobile applications, and Wi-Fi connectivity. A feature of the monitor is that it can be integrated within HVAC systems, helping to control the air quality in the room and improve energy efficient for users, meaning improved usage of air quality monitors in the UK.

Air quality monitors can be considered a priority in any indoor environments, particularly where there is a multitude of people, this includes but is not limited to, offices, hospitals, retail and hospitality, transport, real estate, and schools. 

Outdoor Monitoring:

Air pollution in the outdoor environment is also a harm. Air pollution is now suggested to be one of the biggest health risks and can cause respiratory issues. 

Outdoor air monitoring can be used effectively to monitor conditions on-sites. Some sites may be required to assess air quality in line with environmental permitting and health and safety regulations. 

Boundary monitors can act as an air quality sensor for environmental measures including, vibration, noise, pH levels, gases, dust and airborne particles and VOCs. Typical applications for an outdoor air quality monitoring device include boundaries on manufacturing sites, demolition and construction sites, roadside traffic monitoring and landfill and remediation sites. 

Air Spectrum Environmental specialise in providing air quality products and services. We offer air quality monitors, purifiers and boundary monitors for outdoor air quality and dust concerns. We also specialise in dust monitoring and assessments, air quality monitoring and air quality assessment services, with our consultancy branch – Spectrum Environmental Support, providing insight assessment for on-site air quality issues.

Services to support our Air Quality Monitor Range

As well as offering air quality monitors, we also offer an air quality monitoring service via our consultancy department, Spectrum Environmental Services. This involves having one of our air quality consultants visit your site and provide you with an assessment and a strategy for ongoing air monitoring services or advice for resolving any outstanding issues.

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