Spectrum Guides: Benefits of Bespoke Installations

Air quality issues such as poor visibility caused by dust and unpleasant conditions on-site caused by odour can create issues for many industries, including construction, waste & recycling, manufacturing, and aggregate-related practices.  Misting equipment – using the application of fine droplets of water – can solve many of these issues. Bespoke, fixed installations can be a long-term and cost-effective solution – tailored to the exact requirements of your site. 

Bespoke installations allow for custom made solutions to be implemented with the advice from our expert team. Tailored to individual site needs, fixed systems provide the best suited air quality solutions. Fixed installations can be long-term solutions and can remain in facilities to tackle ongoing or reoccurring air quality issues, making them a desirable choice in industries which regularly battle air quality concerns. Having bespoke systems, provided with expert advice, can offer reassurance.  

how bespoke installations work:


  • Prior to any site visit we conduct as much research as possible to help us recognise the issues that the site is encountering. 

site visit

  • Once visiting site, and witnessing the extent of any on-site issues, the most suitable method or collection of methods from our extensive range will be discussed to resolve the issues. 


  • Using a series of measurements, photographs and assessing fixing areas (positions for nozzles or atomisers to be placed), a plan will be drawn up of what is needed to complete the installation and the time required. 
  • Any more complex issues will involve discussion with our engineering team to ensure we provide the most suitable and ‘first time fix’ solution. 


  • A visit to site will then be arranged for our expert engineers to install the system. This will be followed with a follow up visit and regular maintenance visits to ensure optimal performance.  

why bespoke installations?

  • Prioritise on-site air quality issues 
  • Provide a solution to meet individual site needs 
  • Easy to adjust or make changes to suit requirements 
  • Expert advice 
  • Easy to use, designed to meet the needs of a site and ‘work how you work’. 

Our bespoke systems are built and designed by Air Spectrum Environmental and manufactured at our head office in Worcester, our trained engineers are experts in manufacturing and installing the equipment we provide, offering reassurance.  

A permanent, bespoke solution allows for use whenever issues occur with an immediate reaction, cutting out waiting time for hire or purchase of a system with delivery or installation on-site. All systems have a range of use and can be an effective solution to dust, odour, cooling, disinfection, and fly/insect control. 

Well maintained systems can also be beneficial and have a long-life span (15 years+) making them cost-effective. 

bespoke installs:

fixed rotary atomiser

fixed rotary atomiser

The Fixed Rotary Atomiser provides a solution to dust management, odour control, cooling, disinfection, and decontamination.  The rotary atomiser uses a rear vortex fan which provides a mist of water – used to combat air quality issues. The Fixed Rotary Atomiser can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted and is powered by connection to mains electricity. The systems are energy efficient, minimal maintenance and can be used with the addition of chemical additives such as odour control agents through an in-built dosing system for specific requirements. The system allows for multiple atomisers to be run through with the SmartTech panels 4 zone system.  

The Fixed Rotary Atomiser is effective in covering large areas and projects a long-distance mist. 

Typical applications include Wood & Stone Crushing, Concrete Manufacturing, Aggregates, Waste Transfer & Landfill. 

fixed jetstream

Jetstream Dust Suppression System

Jetstream’s are an ideal solution to controlling air quality and on-site issues, installed at the source of the problem. Using a powerful jet of fine mist, the systems are available as a simple solution, just requiring the addition of water and air or as a solution with the addition of an intelligent control panel, which includes a variety of extra features including timer settings, pulse and auto-switch off.  

Jetstream solutions can be made to suit specific site needs, with the option to have as many nozzles as required, placed wherever required. The systems are flexible, and bespoke to individual applications. They are also extremely energy and water efficient, therefore suitable for continued use over prolonged periods of time. 

Typical Applications include: Wood Waste, Cooling, Aggregates, Manufacturing, Mining & Quarrying.  

fixed pacific

Pacific nozzle-line system

Pacific Misting equipment provide a targeted spray of water vapour to an environment or zoned area, ideal for enclosing boundaries. Pacific systems can be used as indoor and outdoor solutions to dust, odour, disinfection, and cooling. 

Pacific systems can have a maximum of 250 nozzles, however, can cover 500m when 2m spaced. If more nozzles are required, a bespoke multi pump and control system can be built to suit specific site needs.  
Typical Applications include: Turbine Cooling, Theme Parks, Restaurants, Food Processing, Mining & Quarrying, Aggregates.


Where to have a bespoke install: 

Bespoke installs can be implemented anywhere that air quality issues arise within industries. Many industries can benefit from dust, odour, and disinfection solutions. Fixed installations may be implemented in facilities where more suppression is needed, such as larger areas or areas where a more serious air quality issue needs controlling.  

Some industries have specific problems which means having bespoke installations and kit provide the best suited system. Other issues which can factor into the requirement for bespoke installations include facilities with needs to reduce water and require a system with less water throw, reducing wetting of products and machinery.  
Bespoke installations have been implemented within mining, quarrying and aggregates, manufacturing, recycling, landfills, food processing, abattoirs, oil refineries and theme parks.

Bespoke does not stop at installs:

Our wide range of services can also be offered as bespoke packages, including our service and maintenance plans, which can be suited to individual site needs, and the needs of systems on their sites by our expert engineers. We offer a variety of bespoke service plans, to help ensure your equipment stays at its best.  

All of our chemical range can be supplied as bespoke solutions, including ODR liquid odour neutraliser, FlyGoPro insecticide, DST dust suppression additive and ASE all-in-one disinfectant. Chemical formulas can be uniquely blended at our HQ, suited to maximise site needs and control air quality issues.  

We offer flexible plans for our chemical range and packages with our systems, making it simple to keep on top of on-site issues, providing peace of mind and reassurance. Our chemical packages are all individual to each requirement and site need to guarantee a suitable solution. 

spectrum environmental support & odour laboratory

We also offer bespoke services from our consultancy – Spectrum Environmental Support – offering bespoke dust and odour assessment and solutions. We can take time to understand and assess individual needs and provide dust, odour and air quality management plans tailored to suit. 

Spectrum Environmental support offer odour assessments, including odour dispersion modelling assessments, odour impact assessments and ambient air monitoring assessments, all of which are in support of bespoke environmental permit and planning applications. Odour emissions monitoring is also available using site monitoring and laboratory analysis to identify levels of nuisance odours and provide data which can be acted upon. Furthermore, bespoke odour management plans are provided by Spectrum Environmental Support to assess and minimise the risk of odour nuisance, which will provide appropriate control measures best suited to individual industry requirements. 

Dust and air quality assessments can also be conducted for dust issues to identify levels of dust impact through monitoring systems, helping to identify source of the nuisance dust, and providing dust management plans suited to specific site needs.  

Additionally, Spectrum Environmental Support can help to identify exposure to dust within the workplace through workplace air monitoring assessments, to ensure sites are complying with Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs). These assessments can help to identify and understand any on-site issues and provide data to support implementation of a bespoke solution to controlling dust and on-site.  

Bespoke assessments, monitoring and management plans can be beneficial to sites in understanding air quality issues and implementing bespoke issues to control them. 


Bespoke systems allow for individual site needs to be understood and prioritised, resulting in the most suitable solution being installed and resolving air quality issues, with easy adaption to suit ever-changing needs. 

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