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Our Chemical Additives Range

Air Spectrum Environmental supply a range of effective chemical additives for use alongside our equipment. This range includes ODR odour neutraliser, DST dust suppression additive, FlyGoPro non-toxic insecticide and ASE Disinfect for disinfection and decontamination applications.

Our aim is to make our chemical additive range as eco-friendly as possible. Our ODR & FlyGoPro ranges are non-toxic and made from organic essential oils. All of our ranges are biodegradable, ensuring nothing is left behind. Our ranges are available in a variety of strengths in order to tailor them to every application individually.

We also offer a bespoke blending service for customers that require a very specific application method.


Non-toxic, biodegradable odour neutralising additive. ODR is mixed with water and applied with misting equipment. Available in a variety of strengths and fragrances.


Designed to enhance water dust suppression by binding with the dust and bringing it to the floor, forming a barrier to prevent re-clouding. Available for a variety of applications.


Non-toxic, biodegradable and made from organic essential oils, FlyGoPro is an insecticide designed to prevent re-infestation by targeting the life-cycle of the insect. Available in 4 strengths.


ODR gel absorbs odour from the air, replacing it with a clean, fresh scent. Available in a variety of fragrances.

ASE Disinfect

Kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. ASE Disinfect can be used as a wipe-down or in our misting equipment. Sold as a concentrate.


Our additives are available as part of our subscription packages, allowing you to spread the cost of keeping your site safe.


At Air Spectrum we offer a ‘call-off’ based service for chemical additives for convenience, ease and flexibility. Our call off service is a pre-pay service for 6-month, 12-month or 24-month blocks of chemical delivery. During this time, simply pick up the phone when you need the chemical and we will get it sent out the door as a priority. Once the initial payment is made you will not need to worry about any additional financial paperwork when calling off your chemical, there will be no extra charges as we work out all the costs right from the start ensuring complete transparency throughout your subscription.  

Our subscriptions can be based on any one of our chemical additives, more than one fragrance and range can be included. We also offer a multi-service agreement including our maintenance program and chemical call-off service.  

We don’t offer standard packages; all agreements and subscriptions are designed for each individual site requirement guaranteeing a service that is right for you.  

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