It’s Freezing! – Equipment Tips For Colder Weather


If you’ve got equipment on-site as the colder months draw in, we’ve got you covered to keep your equipment well maintained heading into 2022. We recommend following these steps to avoid damage to misting equipment.


  1. Flushing any water lines with Microsol / ASE Disinfect helps to reduce the risk of legionella and clears away any debris that has accumulated.
  2. Once temperatures are below freezing – keep misting equipment turned off. Turning on equipment can cause damage to internal parts.
  3. If any mobile equipment is left on-site and not used during the coldest months, we advise trying to cover the bowser with tarpaulin (or similar) to reduce frost-damage.

equipment advice

Dust Cannons

We advise to empty the bowser of water and drain the cannon pump by removing the drain plug at the rear of the pump.
If you won’t be using the cannons across long periods of time, it’s best to keep the bowser covered.

Rotary Atomisers (Classic & PRO)

Ensure the bowser is emptied of water and flush lines with Microsol or ASE Disinfect. Cover the bowser if left out of use for long periods of time to prevent frost damage.

Pacific Mobile & Quattro

Empty the bowser of water and open the flushing valves at the ends of the nozzle lines to allow the lines to drain – leave these valves open during especially cold periods. Cover bowser if left out of use for long periods of time.

Static/Installed Equipment (Pacific Nozzle-Line & Jetstream)

Turn off the main water feed to the control panel and allow the system to run for approximately 2 minutes and then turn off the system. Open the flush valves and leave them open.

ecotech Rotary Atomisers

Ensure the bowser is emptied of water and flush lines. Cover the bowser if left out of use for long periods of time. Cover the battery system to avoid damage to components that could potentially be caused by freezing.

Service plans

We offer a wide range of service plans to suit each individual requirement – you can add a service package to your plan by speaking to one of our team.

Why service equipment?

Annual servicing of equipment is essential in helping to maintain equipment and ensure it’s performing at its best for you. Weather-related health checks can also be tied in with your service plan to ensure your equipment is ready to head into the winter months as the temperature drops below freezing.

Servicing Benefits:

  • SLA’s provide a pre-paid agreement and peace of mind that equipment will be well maintained.
  • Cost effective – regular servicing prolongs the life span of equipment.
  • Reduces the risks of breakdown and possible charges.

For more information on our service plans or advice for the winter, get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

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