Occupational Hygiene consultancy plays a key role in the recognition, measurement and control of potential health risks in the workplace environment.

Assessing the nature and level of exposure to potentially hazardous substances in the workplace assists organisations in providing a safe working environment in line with the COSHH regulations (2002).

COSHH air monitoring surveys can be designed on a site-specific basis to demonstrate that hazardous substances within the working environment are below all the current workplace exposure limits (WEL’s).

Alternatively, bespoke air monitoring surveys can assist companies in investigating the root cause of potential ill-health in the workplace and offer cost effective solutions to prevent and control these risks.

COSHH Monitoring and assessment services can be applied to ensure that a safe and compliant working environment exists In the following areas:

  • Assessment & control of dust exposure in the workplace in accordance with HSE MDHS 14/4 “General methods for the sampling & gravimetric analysis of respirable , thoracic & inhalable aerosols”.
  • The control of exposure to respirable crystalline silica within the mineral processing sector and also during construction and demolition projects.
  • Investigation and the initial risk assessment of potential exposure to chemical hazards within the manufacturing and chemical sectors. Key hazards that can be assessed include isocyanates & solvents.
  • Bioaerosol & microbiology assessments help identify risks from exposure to bacteria, fungi and endotoxins within the waste and agricultural sectors.
  • Workplace exposure monitoring to assess the inhalation risks posed by welding fumes during mild steel. The results of air monitoring assessments can demonstrate compliance with relevant workplace exposure limits and also confirm that engineering controls such as local exhaust ventilation are providing effective protection.

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