Dust Cannon

Dust cannons create a fine mist using jet nozzles located on the front of the cannon head. The mist is driven forwards with a strong air flow generated by an axial fan at the rear of the cannon. The mist binds with dust particles in the air, bringing them to the ground and keeping the air free of dust. The mist reach depends on wind speed and direction, our range includes models with a reach of 20m – 100m.

Dust Cannon heads can rotate up to 350°, allowing for maximum coverage and accessibility. Dust Cannons can be powered straight from a mains input or be supplied with a generator. All cannons come with a 2000L water bowser.

Various trailer options are available for moving the equipment around site. We also offer road-legal towable options.


Dust Suppression:

Construction & Demolition

Quarrying & Mining

Bulk handling & Transfer


Quarantine Areas

Goods and Vehicles

Public Spaces

Fixed and flexible contracts for dust control equipment: Call +44 (0) 1905 362 100