Electro-Static Dust Control: Evolving Technologies & New Partnerships

Air Spectrum Environmental Limited is excited to announce a new UK Distribution arrangement with StaticAir BV, combining to bring the novel fine dust reduction systems to UK customers.

Air Spectrum Environmental Limited has been operating in the air quality industry for over 25 years, specialising in odour control, dust suppression, air quality management and servicing clients from across the globe to find solutions to benefit the organisations and environments surrounding them.

Within the dust industry, Air Spectrum Environmental has developed multiple water-based misting technologies to alleviate dust issues from a wide range of sectors and environments. From industrial indoor operations such as recycling and manufacturing through to outdoor environments such as construction sites, waste operations and demolition.

“Partnering with StaticAir and introducing their technology into the UK is very exciting. It strengthens our position in the dust control market even further and allows us to extend our offering to existing clients and open doors to new ones.”

Rebecca Munson, Director or Air Spectrum Environmental

Diversification and Innovation is key to maintaining the best solutions for valued customers. Considering this, Air Spectrum embarked on a mission to find an eco-friendlier alternative to traditional dust suppression

This is where StaticAir BV comes in, having developed a range of Fine Dust Reduction systems with the mission of creating “a future in which we all breathe freely”. The systems are deployed in a range of environments, sustainable and tested safe for humans and animals.

How Staticair works

Using innovative filter free ionization technology, the StaticAir clean air solutions attract and capture fine particulate matter in the intended environment. The StaticAir systems contain electrostatic wires to which a positive high voltage is applied, which operates on a direct current with low amperage.

The fine particulate matter in the environment of the StaticAir systems is ionized by the charge of the electrostatic wires and is attracted to a grounded frame on the system. Due to the electrostatic charge, an electric wind is created from the electrostatic wire to the grounded frame.

This electric wind ensures that the fine particulate matter is attracted and captured on the grounded frame, without the use of active ventilation. The StaticAir clean air solutions use only 18 watts, making them economical and sustainable. The absence of expensive filters which must be replaced frequently for optimal operation makes the systems a popular choice.  

StaticAir’s systems can reduce up to more than 50% of the fine particulate matter concentration in the indoor environment. StaticAir BV has seen success installing fine dust reduction systems at key infrastructure points in Europe, on street lampposts in Asia and on the walls/ceilings of industrial, agricultural and leisure clients.

StaticAir Fine Dust Reduction Projects  

Infrastructure: Installation of 66 Fine Dust Reduction Systems into the 2km long ‘Victory Boogie Woogie’ tunnel in The Hague, one of the Netherlands sustainable infra projects, removing 50% of particulate emissions. 
Other applications include: Parking Garages, Street Furniture, Bridges and Rail. 

Industry: Installation of 2 Findures – fine dust reduction system within the proximity of a Recycling Centre sorting conveyor belt, where staff can often be exposed to high fine dust concentrations. Independently verified fine dust reduction of 53.3%. 
Other applications: Ceramic works, Welding and Industrial Manufacturing Halls. 

Agriculture: Installation of 6 PMX systems into a poultry house. Consuming a total energy of 108 watts, highlighting the low cost and sustainability, the PMX systems were shown to reduce particulate matter by an average of 50%.
Other applications: produce conveyors, storage sheds and grain stores, equestrian arenas.  

StaticAir Pamares system


Health Benefits: StaticAir systems carry the main benefit of reducing particulate matter within the area of application. Removing ultra-fine dust from the environment can be deemed the most important size particulate matter to target, as the smaller size results in a greater ability to by-pass our biological defences and reach deep inside our respiratory systems.

Sustainable and Cost Effective: The range of products on offer from Static Air also carry significant additional benefits. Boasting a very low power requirement of 18 watts, the StaticAir systems are cost effective to run and environmentally sustainable.

Noise-Free Solution: Noise pollution can often be a big factor in many sectors and can cause disruption to yours and neighbouring operations. StaticAir is a completely noise-free solution, as there a no moving parts involved in the fine dust removal process.

Not just dust

The PMR-Tube is the flagship system developed by Static Air, which exploits the innovative technology utilised across the whole range. The PMR-Tube can be further customised to include high grade filters and UVC. The benefits of UVC and filter technology have been displayed heavily during the C-19 pandemic but including these options within the PMR-Tube results in a ‘triple protection’ from fine dust, aerosols, bacteria and viruses.


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