OdourLab: Excellent results in annual proficiency test.

Every year, Dozens of Odour laboratories around the world partake in an annual proficiency test to determine their respective accuracy and repeatability – two very important factors for reliability of any laboratory. This year 38 laboratories from 16 countries took the test.

This year, our odour laboratory – OdourLab – achieved record-breaking results. The annual proficiency test ensures that laboratories are complying with and exceeding the performance requirements of the European Odour Standard EN13725 and is essential for those laboratories that maintain ISO 17025 accreditation (which OdourLab does.)

What does the proficiency test look at:


  • Accuracy refers to the closeness of a measured value to a standard or known value. In terms of this assessment the measurement accuracy is the closeness of agreement between the measured quantity value (Our lab test result) and the true quantity value of a measurement (reference odorant). The lower the value for accuracy means the more accurate a laboratory is.

precision (Repeatability)

  • Precision refers to how close measurements of the same item are to each other. In this instance, precision (repeatability) measures precision closeness of agreement between indications or measured quantity values obtained by replicate measurements of the same odour. Results are repeatable and more precise if they don’t vary too much i.e. if you test the same material three times and the results are close together/similar.



How does OdourLab compare?

The results for Odourlab this year were impressive, with our accuracy rating ranking #2 in the world.

About spectrum environmental support & odour laboratory

We also offer bespoke services from our consultancy – Spectrum Environmental Support – offering bespoke dust and odour assessment and solutions. We can take time to understand and assess individual needs and provide dust, odour and air quality management plans tailored to suit. 

Spectrum Environmental support offer odour assessments, including odour dispersion modelling assessments, odour impact assessments and ambient air monitoring assessments, all of which are in support of bespoke environmental permit and planning applications. Odour emissions monitoring is also available using site monitoring and laboratory analysis to identify levels of nuisance odours and provide data which can be acted upon. Furthermore, bespoke odour management plans are provided by Spectrum Environmental Support to assess and minimise the risk of odour nuisance, which will provide appropriate control measures best suited to individual industry requirements. 

Dust and air quality assessments can also be conducted for dust issues to identify levels of dust impact through monitoring systems, helping to identify source of the nuisance dust, and providing dust management plans suited to specific site needs.  

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Bespoke assessments, monitoring and management plans can be beneficial to sites in understanding air quality issues and implementing bespoke issues to control them. 


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