Win the battle with flies this summer

With the summer heat starting to appear in the UK, the fly population is exploding. Temperatures above 21°C are prime conditions for our 6-legged foes, as waste sites and landfills start to emit odour (more than usual). Once flies have found their ideal breeding location, they’re not going anywhere. There to stay, a single pair of flies can create up to 190 billion flies by the end of the season, many of which will remain on your site, spreading disease and causing general nuisance.

So what can I do?

In order to gain control of a fly population, you must break the life-cycle of the fly, not just rely on basic applications of ‘knockdown’ or course spraying techniques. These outdated techniques are often only a short-term fix and use harmful chemicals that can damage the lungs of people and animals nearby – usually requiring a shut-down of facility operations for spraying, costing you time and money.


There are, however, alternatives – organically approved, non-toxic formula’s such as Air Spectrum Environmental’s ‘Flygopro’.  A plant-derived, non-flammable, non-hazardous product harnessing the natural strength of Lavender Oil, Citrus and Coconut; Flygopro has no known risk.

Easily applied to areas of various sizes with any compatible misting system or an Air Spectrum Atomizer/Nozzle Line System, the formula will rid your worksite of flies indefinitely, not just for a few days until the next life-cycle starts up again. The formula comes in 4 strengths depending on the degree of infestation and is extremely cost-effective with prices starting from just £2.99 per litre.

With over 7000 species of fly in the UK carrying dangerous diseases such as dysentery and gastroenteritis, it is essential you keep yourself, your staff and others nearby safe by eradicating the infestation before it gets worse.

  • Hot weather means more breeding flies, up to 190 billion in a season, causing disease within your site
  • Traditional fly sprays can be damaging to human health and not as effective long term as Flygopro, they also usually require a shutdown of operations on-site
  • Flygopro is extremely safe to use, non-toxic and non-flammable as well as being cost effective

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