Have you noticed the air pollution lately? We haven’t either…

In the current situation, we are all searching for positives and one can definitely be found in the improvement of Air Quality. As cars on the road, planes in the sky and factories furiously producing goods have become a rarity, the improvement in Air Quality has been dramatic. Some of the key cities across Great Britain are reporting a 50% reduction in nitrogen dioxide levels when compared to the statistics presented last year, with Edinburgh noting the largest drop according to the latest DEFRA figures.

The return to work and relaxation of the lockdown is beginning to circulate around the British media, with the knock-on effects being a rise in pollution levels as people and businesses return to their new normal. Academics have previously reported a sudden spike in air pollution levels after the 2008 economic downturn, as a result of industry and all supporting activities building back up. This effect, coupled with the change of focus from the proposed Clean Air Zones within cities, could lead to a retreat on the ground gained to clean up air quality in the UK. As businesses investigate the re-designing of their office spaces to accommodate the new social distancing rules, a consideration for indoor air quality to aid health and well-being in the office is key to maximising those designs. Links reported between virus transmission of diseases such as Covid-19 and poor air quality are in their early stages but offer extremely important insights, alongside the well-known effects of poor air quality can have on occupants of indoor spaces, such as fatigue and headaches.

For many, the awareness gained during this time on the effects of poor air quality will lead to apprehension at the suggestion of now returning to the same work environment they left behind. With the questions being, how do I know what my air quality is like? Is it affecting my health? Are some spaces ‘healthier’ than others? How can I manage any changes?

“Displaying the data openly to employees can help appease any concerns over their immediate environment and provide an assurance their well-being is a top priority.”

The answer to those questions is deploying Indoor Air Quality monitors into those spaces, with a simple display platform shown on screens around your building, on personal computers and mobile devices. For the management of the environment, a system which can set alerts, offer solutions, and control compatible HVAC systems.

Displaying the data openly to employees can help appease any concerns over their immediate environment and provide an assurance their well-being is a top priority, aiding the return to work process. Over a longer term, the indoor air quality monitors will allow managers to understand their air quality trends and become much more efficient in maintaining the health and well-being of staff, reducing sick days, and improving productivity.

Air Spectrum Environmental offers a smart solution Indoor Air Quality monitor to perform all these key tasks, and many more. Please get in touch to learn more about your indoor air quality and start your journey towards a healthier working environment.