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Air Spectrum is the industry leader when it comes to hire equipment for both odour control and dust suppression. We pride ourselves in treating you, our client, quickly and efficiently as we understand that our industry is time critical. We offer flexi and fixed-term contracts, tailoring each to the needs of the client. In addition to renting our equipment, you get on-going support and maintenance of the piece of the equipment as well as breakdown support. We can also include subscriptions to our other ranges and spares packs with these contracts.

Flexi Contracts – Short term hire to be hired monthly/weekly. The terms and length of the contract is adjusted to suit your needs. There is a facility to off-hire with short-term notice with no penalty. – See our T’s & C’s.

Fixed-term Contracts – The length of the contract is to suit your requirements. A fixed rate can be agreed for the duration of the contract, you will therefore know your costs for the months the equipment will be on hire. A fixed contract is usually for 8 months and more.

Product categories

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  • Pacific nozzle-line system

    Pacific Systems

    Pacific nozzle line systems use high pressure, multi-nozzle dispersal delivery to a localised area for dust suppression, odour control and disinfection applications. 

    Our nozzle line systems are available as bespoke, fixed or mobile solutions. 

    Pacific Misting equipment provide a targeted spray of water vapour to an environment or zoned area, ideal for enclosing boundaries. 

  • Quattro 4-in-1 effective defence against dust

    Quattro 4-in-1 Effective Defence

    Quattro combines multiple pieces of suppression equipment to provide a 4-in-1 effective defence against dust and odour. Quattro can also be used for industrial cleaning or disinfection purposes.  

    Including a rainmaker, jet wash, rear spray bar and integrated pacific nozzle-line system.  

  • Rotary Atomiser

    Rotary Atomiser Classic

    Rotary Atomisers are available as a mobile or fixed solution for a variety of applications including; odour control, dust suppression, disinfection and cooling.

    Using a rear vortex fan, Rotary Atomisers provide a variable fine mist of potable water for a variety of fogging uses. 

    The rotary atomiser is available with or without a generator or it is also compatible with our ecotech battery power source. 

  • Rotary Atomiser PRO misting system

    Rotary Atomiser PRO

    The Rotary Atomiser PRO is available as a mobile solution for a variety of applications including; odour control, dust suppression, disinfection and cooling.

    Using a rear vortex fan, the Rotary Atomiser PRO provides a variable fine mist of potable water for a variety of fogging uses – the RA Pro is a more powerful version of our RA classic. 

    The Rotary Atomiser PRO is available with a 110V or 240V generator. 

    Only mobile units are available to purchase online, for fixed units please enquire for a personalised solution.

  • Vortex mini fan misting equipment

    Vortex 440 Mobile Fan

    Portable and easily manoeuvrable, the Vortex mobile fan can be used indoors and outdoors for a number of applications including: dust, odour, disinfection and cooling. 

    Water and chemical additives such as ‘Odr Odour Neutraliser’ are pumped through the fan, which produces a fine mist of micron-fine particles that can be propelled up to 10 metres.


At Air Spectrum we offer a ‘call-off’ based service for chemical additives for convenience, ease and flexibility. Our call off service is a pre-pay service for 6-month, 12-month or 24-month blocks of chemical delivery. During this time, simply pick up the phone when you need the chemical and we will get it sent out the door as a priority. Once the initial payment is made you will not need to worry about any additional financial paperwork when calling off your chemical, there will be no extra charges as we work out all the costs right from the start ensuring complete transparency throughout your subscription.  

Our subscriptions can be based on any one of our chemical additives, more than one fragrance and range can be included. We also offer a multi-service agreement including our maintenance program and chemical call-off service.  

We don’t offer standard packages; all agreements and subscriptions are designed for each individual site requirement guaranteeing a service that is right for you.  

Fixed and flexible contracts for fogging equipment: Call +44 (0) 1905 362 100