Getting Back Out There: Lets Recycle Live 2021

Last week saw us finally able to get back out there make our return to a live show. The NAEC Stoneleigh Park was the host location for ‘Let’s Recycle Live 2021’ in collation with ‘Demo Expo’. The show had a great atmosphere, it was a great opportunity to meet like-minded industry professionals and see how the industry has been evolving over the past few years.

“Letsrecycle Live is the UK’s leading live show for the recycling, sustainability and now, demolition industries.” – Let’s Recycle Live

 The show provided variety with a range of exhibitor zones focused overall on waste, recycling, and demolition. The show also offered opportunity to showcase the latest innovative equipment within the industry in the Live Demo Area – which is where you’d have found us.

In addition to exhibitors stands and live demo areas, the show hosted several conferences and speakers addressing current topics within the industry. A strong focus was on reaching net-zero and decarbonisation within the waste sector, with many of the conferences and speakers focusing on sustainability within the industry, decarbonisation within the waste supply chain and focuses on electric alternatives becoming available.

Getting back out there:

From the excitement of getting set up for the show to chatting with our first attendee of the day, we really enjoyed the show and being back face-to-face with everyone. Prior to the show we were announced as a finalist in the ‘Excellence in Innovation Awards‘ – an award dedicated to innovated products in the industry – with our ‘ecotech’ battery-operated misting range.
We came equipped with our newest products and our greener solutions as part of our mission to become carbon neutral by 2022.

We recently formed the UK’s first partnership with StaticAir, introducing electro-static technology to the UK. StaticAir introduces a non-water-based form of dust suppression, Reduces all sizes of (ultra-) fine dust PM0,1 to PM10 within indoor and outdoor environments. It was a great opportunity for us to bring along a ‘PMX’ with us, allowing the industry to meet it face-to-face and find out more about the technology that provides an alternative approach to traditional dust suppression.

With the show having a large focus on sustainability and how the industry can provide greener solutions, we felt it was only right we bring our answer to sustainable dust suppression along with us.

It was great to see all the machinery in action in the demo area and show how dust suppression systems are used in conjunction to the other systems such as material handlers and shredders, to keep the dust created from these activities grounded and stop it being a nuisance to people within the vicinity and keep them safe.

The show saw the opportunity for us to finally showcase our ecotech system, allowing the chance to introduce the industry’s first battery-operated misting system live. ‘ecotech’ Rotary Atomiser is the first of its kind to provide a low noise and no harmful emissions solution to dust control, whilst still providing 8 hours of battery life from an overnight charge.

In addition to ‘ecotech’ Rotary Atomiser, we also brought along our Quattro – a unique 4-in-1 solution to dust suppression including a jet wash, rear spray bar, nozzle-line attachment and a rainmaker. The rainmaker produces a fine mist with a throw of up to 20m, perfect for use in dust suppression.

We also had our DC32 Dust Cannon live in action, which is a suitable solution for larger applications, firing a strong, 30+ metre mist to suppress dust, with a 360-degree rotating head, the dust cannon can target specific areas and provide more accessibility.  

our highlights:

The show was host to a vast range of equipment within the waste management, recycling, construction, and demolition industries, and it was interesting to see the movement and strive for sustainability within the waste and recycling industries.

The demo area was host to a variety of machinery within the industry, including waste shredders, loaders, handlers and misting equipment.

We weren’t the only ones to bring an industry’s first to the show, Kovaco Electric, who specialise in manufacturing attachments – brought the ‘Elise 900’, an all-electric Skid Steer Loader – which was the first of its kind in the UK for the waste and demolition industry. Another innovation showing the importance of decarbonisation in the industry and the possibility sustainable solutions, with no environmental impacts.

In line with the theme of decarbonisation JCB also brought equipment to the demolition area suitable for the waste sector including their wheel loader – ‘Waste Master’.  JCB highlighted how many of their machines can now be used with HVO diesel, as can the ‘Waste Master’ which is better for the environment and subsequently helps the industry towards achieving Net-Zero. Liebherr also brought equipment to the demolition area which was HVO diesel ready – making sustainable equipment more accessible.  HVO fuel is becoming an importance within the industry as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.  

Another exhibitor within the demo area were SMT GB, they brought their electric wheel loader – ‘EW200’, which has been present in the industry for 6 months and an L25 Electric Compact Loader.

It’s undeniable that the demolition and waste industry are taking serious steps towards achieving net-zero and providing sustainable solutions for the industry.

until next year…

Above all, we chose a great show to get back out to after a long break. It was great to meet and connect with new and existing customers, and other industry professionals whilst demoing our newest innovations and showcasing our solutions for the waste and demolition sector.


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