Looking after your equipment as the weather changes

When temperatures start to drop we recommend you do the following:

Cannons: Empty the bowser of water and drain the cannon pump by removing the drain plug at the rear of the pump.

Rotary Atomisers (mobile): empty bowsers of water.

Pacific Mobiles: empty the bowser of water and open the flushing valves at the ends of the nozzle lines to allow the lines to drain – leave these valves open during especially cold periods.

Static/Installed systems: Turn off the main water feed to the control panel and allow the system to run for approx. 2 mins and then turn off the system. Open the flush valves and leave them open.

Service plans

We offer a variety of personalised service plans, to help ensure your equipment stays at its best. Weather-related health checks can be tied in with your service plan to make sure your equipment is ready to face the colder months and reduce the chance of damage.

If you’d like to add a service plan to your package with us, contact our experts

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