Air Quality Monitors

Indoor and outdoor air quality monitors. 

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  • Airgloss ProSense

    Airgloss ProSense is a ready-to-use product for indoor air quality monitoring. Its advanced technology allows for the real-time detection of 8 key air pollutants and environmental factors and the control of compatible ventilation systems. 

    Measures: Temperature, Relative Humidity, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Methane, Noise, TVOCs and Ambient Pressure.

  • EnviroGuard Boundary Monitor

    EnviroGuard is the complete modular and scalable environmental monitoring system Enviroguard provides real-time measurement of site conditions. It’s a highly flexible system that is easily configured to your needs. 

  • Odorprep – Automated Odour Emissions Sampler

    Odorprep is an on-demand system for odour sampling to BSEN:13725. A remotely or directly activated system with the samples securely stored ready for collection, eliminating the need for an on-site technician. 

    Odorprep can be used for many applications such as odour investigation and assessments, site emissions testing, nuisance investigations and air quality monitoring.