Backpack Sprayer

Suitable for: Odour, Disinfection, Insect Control

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Description and technical specification

Backpack Sprayers are ideal for direct application of chemical additives such as FlyGoPro (Insecticide) and ASE Disinfect (Disinfectant). The body of the sprayer holds 25L giving it a longer spraying time than average models while keeping it light enough for one person application.

The jet nozzle is adjustable so the flow rate can be controlled, allowing for droplet-size customisation.

Ideal for:

  • Disinfecting public spaces and vehicles
  • Applying insecticides
  • Applying odour neutralising additives to small areas

Technical Specification:

  • Propels mist up to 10m
  • Self-contained power unit
  • 1-Person Operation
  • Variable flow control


General Manufacturing 

Food and drink manufacturing 

Pharmaceutical manufacturing 

Remediation sites 

Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs) 

Waste facility reception areas 

Construction and demolition sites 

Offices and Infrastructure

Transport and Public Spaces

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