Odorprep – Automated Odour Emissions Sampler

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Description and technical specification

Odorprep is an on-demand system for odour sampling to BSEN:13725. A remotely or directly activated system with the samples securely stored ready for collection, eliminating the need for an on-site technician.  

Odorprep can be used for many applications such as odour investigation and assessments, site emissions testing, nuisance investigations and air quality monitoring. With its remote control abilities, Odorprep can be used to help monitor processes without the need of an on-site technician to assist in many on site activities such as source or spot sampling for odours or compounds, emissions testing, odour abatement efficiency testing and tracking any possible process variances. 

Odorprep utilises a bespoke application for use in remote controlling the system and configurable sample lines. Odorprep consists of multiple odour sample containers which are rigid, sealed and secured to avoid any exposure. An on-demand sampling module for use with thermal or chemical desorption tubes to allows for a further analysis of the air itself.  

Odorprep can be used to take duplicate or singular samples to allow for maximum flexibility and improved collection of the odorous air. Sampling can be performed either manually or via the mobile app.  

The Odorprep app allows for an alert limit to be set so that an automatic sample can be collected at the point of incident, giving the best possible opportunity to capture the nuisance data. Alerts can be sent by Facilities Managers, Local Authorities and Local businesses or residents. This alert information is then verified via the online platform to ensure the issue is legitimate and will collect the sample data. These samples can then be collected and analysed by laboratory technicians to give real data to assist in the tracking and abatement of the issue.  

Odorprep can also be managed by OdorSens, a suite of sensors that can be used for air quality monitoring or to collect meteorological data. Setting limits of the detected collected to trigger the on-demand sample lines can add another level of autonomy to the nuisance data collection.  

Developed to work alongside the OdorPrep, OdorAlert and OdorBot are supplementary mobile applications that can be deployed within the area of the nuisance to capture nuisance reports and surveying users when they register an nuisance odour.  

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