Quattro 4-in-1 Effective Defence

Suitable for: Odour, Dust, Disinfection 

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Description and technical specification

Quattro combines multiple pieces of suppression equipment to provide a 4-in-1 effective defence against dust and odour. Quattro can also be used for industrial cleaning or disinfection purposes.  

Rear Spray Bar

Measuring 1.6m in diameter, the rear spray bar uses 10 powerful jet nozzles to produce a dampening mist, ideal for roads and heavy-traffic areas.

Nozzle-line Attachment

This attachment allows for the integration of our Pacific system. A detachable 10m manifold and T-section runs up to 100m of 2m spaced, flexible nozzle-line. This is ideal for boundry and entryway suppression.

Handheld Jet Wash

Using a fully flexible handheld lance, the Jet Wash attachment allows for direct application to problem areas


Extending to a height of 3m, the rainmaker houses three powerful jet nozzles, capable of throwing mist up to 20m


  • Demolition
  • Ground Remediation
  • Bulk Materials
  • Ports and Shipping
  • Waste Transfer
  • Crushing and Screening
  • Construction
  • Mining and Quarrying
  • Recycling and Scrap
  • Aggregates
  • Wood Processing

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