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Road-Go Dust Suppression Bowser


Designed for road-go dampening, this unit is primarily used for road dust suppression and can be used alone or alongside our dust control additive, DST for maximum impact.

Creates a water arc of around 5m x 4m.

Available for short and long-term hire, as well as purchase. 

    Description and technical specification

    Designed for road-go dampening, this unit is primarily used for road dust suppression and can be used alone or alongside our dust control additive, DST for maximum impact.

    Road-Go Dust Suppression Bowser

    2000L Bowser powered by 1″ Honda Hand Start Petrol Pump delivers a steady arc of potable water for dampening and grounding dust.

    Spreader Plate

    The rear stainless steel deflector plate allows for maximum delivery and control of spread of water.

    Made in the UK

    All of our bowsers are made in the UK and come with a warranty for peace of mind.

    Available for Hire and Purchase


    • Demolition
    • Ground Remediation
    • Bulk Materials
    • Ports and Shipping
    • Waste Transfer
    • Crushing and Screening
    • Construction
    • Mining and Quarrying
    • Recycling and Scrap
    • Aggregates
    • Wood Processing

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