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Rotary Atomiser

The Rotary Atomiser range is suitable for a variety of applications including; odour control, dust suppression, disinfection and cooling.

Using a rear vortex fan, the Rotary Atomiser range provides a variable fine mist of potable water for a variety of fogging uses. They are available for purchase and for hire both long and short-term. RA’s can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Our RA range includes the following models: Rotary Atomiser Classic (available as mobile unit and fixed install, and as generator/mains powered or ecotech battery powered), Rotary Atomiser PRO (currently available as only mobile unit and generator/mains powered).

The RA classic can be expected to produce 15+ metres of mist, whereas the more powerful RA PRO can throw further and is more powerful, throwing 20m+.

Rotary Atomiser heads can rotate up to 360°, allowing for maximum coverage and accessibility. Rotary Atomisers can be powered straight from a mains input or be supplied with a generator.

The RA Classic is compatible with our ‘ecotech’ battery range. Meaning it can be powered without using a generator, reducing noise, emissions and extending running time.

Various trailer and mounting options are available for moving the equipment around site.

Like all our fogging and misting equipment, Rotary Atomisers come with a top-class maintenance and servicing package to give you peace of mind. This service is also available on purchased equipment on an annual subscription basis or as a one-off call out. Ensuring your equipment is well protected and working at optimum capacity.


Using a rear vortex fan, Rotary Atomisers provide a variable fine mist of potable water for a variety of fogging uses

The rotary atomiser is available with or without a generator or it is also compatible with our ecotech battery power source. 


The Rotary Atomiser PRO provides a variable fine mist of potable water for a variety of fogging uses – the RA Pro is a more powerful version of our RA classic. 

The Rotary Atomiser PRO is available with a 110V or 240V generator. 


ecotech provides an eco-friendly solution to dust suppression and is an alternative to diesel powered generators.

The Rotary Atomiser is now available with our battery-operated power system – ecotech.


Fixed Rotary Atomiser’s are available as a wall mounted or ceiling mounted solution and are designed to provide excellent coverage in both indoor and outdoor environments.

 Fixed units are mains operated and are operated with a simple on/off switch.


Dust Suppression:

Construction & Demolition

Quarrying & Mining

Bulk handling & Transfer


Quarantine Areas

Goods and Vehicles

Public Spaces

Odour Control:

Waste and Recycling

Waste water



Public Areas



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