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Spectrum Guides: Get acquainted with Green Building Certifications

Improving air quality has become a prioritised topic. Within the construction and building industries, more buildings are being designed with sustainability as a priority, creating healthier buildings for us to work, live and spend time within. Certifications are becoming more desirable within new and redeveloping projects, many of which, involve ensuring buildings are designed and […]

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Clean Air Day

We’re taking part in Clean Air Day on 17th June, to raise awareness on the effects of poor air pollution and the importance of improving air quality, this year, the theme focuses on improving children’s health. Clean Air Day is the UK’s largest Air Pollution Day, led by Global Action Plan. The day includes thousands […]

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Electro-Static Dust Control: Evolving Technologies & New Partnerships

Air Spectrum Environmental Limited is excited to announce a new UK Distribution arrangement with StaticAir BV, combining to bring the novel fine dust reduction systems to UK customers. Air Spectrum Environmental Limited has been operating in the air quality industry for over 25 years, specialising in odour control, dust suppression, air quality management and servicing […]

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The future of misting: Our sustainable equipment and how we’re creating a greener supply chain.

Prioritising our environment There is no denying that the understanding and importance of reducing our carbon footprint has rocketed. With an increase of public awareness of the contributions our industries can have on our environment, many of us are consistently conscious of our carbon footprint. Fortunately, this has led to many businesses prioritising reducing their […]

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Keen to go Green: A new era for HVAC

Integrating Indoor Air Quality and Building Management The use of sensors to automate and regulate buildings outside of the UK is commonplace. As the UK makes greater investments into SMART buildings and cities, how do we utilise new spaces to make our lives healthier and more productive? A trip to a local shopping centre, large […]

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