We’re the official UK & Ireland distributor for some cutting-edge new technology

Air Spectrum are now the official UK & Ireland distributor for the cutting-edge odour sampling technology, OdorPrep. Originating in Italy and partially funded by the EU, OdorPrep is essentially designed to be an alternative to an on-site technician. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How OdorPrep works:

  • OdorPrep placed in an area of concern. This could be by authorities monitoring odour levels due to complaints, or by companies trying to find the source of their own issue.
  • The public or authorities report an incident via the mobile app. This information is then verified by an online platform. It checks that the complaint is legitimate and collects the user’s data.
  • The OdorPrep receives permission to start sampling, and takes a reliable sample of the air. This sample is stored securely inside bags within the unit.
  • The samples are then collected by lab technicians and can be analysed in the lab.
  • The operators will now have real data to use in tackling the abatement of the odour issue.


For authorities The system can be provided with highly sensitive ancillary sensors that measure the presence of substances in the air, in real time. Used for:

  • Odour investigations and assessment
  • Nuisance Investigation
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Site emissions investigations

For companies Odorprep can be used to help monitor processes without the needs for an on-site technician. Long and short term samples can be taken into inert bags, thermal desorption tubes or gas canisters. Used for:

  • Process variances
  • Source monitoring
  • Odour abatement efficiency testing
  • Spot sampling for various compounds

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