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Dust Suppression for Equestrian Centres

At Air Spectrum, we understand the unique challenges faced by equestrian centres when it comes to managing dust. Dust control is not only important for the maintenance and cleanliness of the facilities but also for the health and well-being of both horses and riders. With our expertise in dust suppression solutions, we can help equestrian centres create a safe and comfortable environment for all.

Why is dust control important for the health of horses and riders?

Dust can have significant adverse effects on the health of horses and riders. Equestrian centres often feature large arenas and riding areas where horses are exercised and trained. The constant movement of horses can generate a substantial amount of dust, which, when inhaled, can lead to respiratory issues for both horses and riders.

Horses are particularly susceptible to dust-related respiratory conditions such as equine asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These conditions can cause coughing, wheezing, and reduced lung function, affecting the overall performance and well-being of the animals. Additionally, prolonged exposure to dust can irritate the eyes and skin of both horses and riders, causing discomfort and potential health complications.

How can Air Spectrum provide dust control solutions?

Air Spectrum specialises in providing effective and efficient dust control solutions for equestrian centres. We offer a range of innovative products and systems designed to suppress dust, reduce airborne particles, and create a healthier environment.

One of our key solutions for dust control is the Fixed Rotary Atomiser. This advanced system utilises compressed air and a specially designed nozzle to generate a fine mist of atomised water particles. These particles bind with dust and other airborne pollutants, causing them to settle down and minimising their dispersion. The Fixed Rotary Atomiser is highly effective in controlling dust in large areas, such as horse arenas and riding facilities.

What products would be suitable?

The Fixed Rotary Atomiser is just one example of the dust control products we offer at Air Spectrum. We understand that each equestrian centre has unique requirements, so we provide tailored solutions to suit specific needs. Our team of experts can assess your facility and recommend the most suitable products and systems to effectively manage dust and maintain a healthy environment for horses and riders.

Why choose Air Spectrum as your equipment supplier?

Air Spectrum is a trusted leader in the field of dust control solutions. With years of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by equestrian centres, and our team of experts can provide professional advice and solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each centre.

We stay at the forefront of dust control technology, continuously researching and developing advanced solutions. Our products are designed to be highly efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, as well as being manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. Not only this but they are sustainable, helping to minimise water usage and energy consumption while effectively managing dust.

Over everything, customer service is our priority. We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from initial consultation and system design to installation, maintenance, and after-sales service. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you and address any concerns or questions you may have.

When it comes to dust control for equestrian centres, Air Spectrum is the partner you can trust. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let us help you create a safe and dust-free environment for horses and riders.

Dust management systems

Dust control and management systems and solutions, for use in indoor and outdoor environments.

water-based Dust Suppression

Bring dust to the ground using a variety of high-pressure water misting systems.

Dust Control Liquid Additives

Tackle dust using liquid neutralisers – used in combination with water-based misting systems.

Other dust management solutions

Non-water systems using electro-static technology to remove dust from the air.

Odour control systems

Odour control systems and solutions for odour neutralising needs.

water-based odour control

Fight industrial odour using a range of high-pressure water misting systems combined with powerful odour-eating liquid neutralisers.

Odour Control Liquid Additives

Tackle odour using liquid neutralisers – used in combination with water-based misting systems.

Odour impact assessments

To help solve your odour problem our experts can visit you on site.

Disinfection & Decontamination systems

Disinfection and decontamination services and systems to disinfect a range of commercial and industrial environments.

Disinfection Spraying systems

Bring dust to the ground using a variety of high-pressure water misting systems.

Disinfection chemicals

Our all in-in-one disinfectant fights viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Air Quality systems

Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring solutions, available for both hire and purchase.

air quality monitors

Measure your indoor and outdoor air quality with our range of smart monitors.

air monitoring services

We offer a wide range of air quality services that we deliver personally on-site.

Misting & Fogging Equipment In Our Range

Misting and fogging equipment for dust suppression and odour management, available for hire and purchase.

Dust Cannons

Cannons can project water up to 50m and are ideal for larger applications. Available with in-built generator and large water bowser for a truly turn key solution.

Rotary Atomisers

Using water and a powerful fan, RA’s spray a fine fog 15-20m+ to capture dust and bring it to the ground. Can be used alongside our chemical additive range.

Pacific Systems

Available as fixed or mobile solutions, pacific systems are made up of nozzle-line that forms a perimeter system. Can be used alongside our chemical range.


Compressed air and water can be directed via the jet stream nozzle to control emissions at source and prevent emissions accordingly. Can be used alongside our chemical additive range.

Vortex Mini Fans

Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Vortex Mini Fans provide a throw of up to 10m. Easily manoeuvrable. Can be used alongside our chemical additive range.


4-in-1 effective defence against dust. Combines a pacific nozzle-line system with a handheld jet wash lace, spray bar and extending rainmaker. Can be used alongside our chemical additive range.

Services to support our systems

In addition to our range of equipment and chemical additives for fogging/misting, we also offer assessment services via Spectrum Environmental Services, our consultancy branch. Dust & odour impact assessments, Boundary monitoring and Occupational hygiene assessments are just a few off the services we can assist with.

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