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Description and technical specification

Airgloss ProSense is a ready-to-use product for indoor air quality monitoring. Its advanced technology allows for the real-time detection of 8 key air pollutants and environmental factors and the control of compatible ventilation systems. 

Airgloss Key Features:

  • Detection and Monitoring of 9 key air pollutants and environmental factors
  • Real-time monitoring and data display
  • Simple and accessible web platform and mobile application
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Compatible HVAC system control
  • Innovative, aerospace grade sensor technology

Connecting via Wi-Fi, the data is delivered to an accessible and simple online platform, where it can be viewed, analysed and downloaded. The software is available as a web platform and mobile app. Premium software is available to purchase, giving the user greater control functions and features. 

Pollutants and Environmental factors: Temperature, Relative Humidity, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Methane, Noise, TVOCs and Ambient Pressure. 

Airgloss ProSense has been designed to monitor 9 key air pollutants and environmental factors. Identified in medical literature, continuous exposure to pollutants such as VOCs, often released from household cleaners, synthetic fabrics and wall paint, can be causes for both minor and major health issues.

By monitoring environmental factors such as Temperature and Noise, Airgloss ProSense contributes to boosting the occupant’s well-being and productivity if placed in an office or remote working.

Used in a variety of applications, ranging from Offices to Schools, Real Estate to Transport, the ProSense delivers valuable data to owners and managers helping to regulate their indoor space.

Initially developed by Airgloss for the safety of astronauts on board the International Space Station and successfully tested by NASA, ProSense uses innovative sensor technology to detect and monitor indoor air quality.

Airgloss ProSense can connect to compatible HVAC systems to efficiently manage the indoor environment, helping to save on energy costs.

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