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StaticAir Range

An eco-friendly, easy-to-use, and innovative air and fine particulate matter pollution solution.

Provided to a range of industries, StaticAir systems can be integrated indoor and outdoor to reduce the effects of air pollution. StaticAir offers a revolutionary alternative in dust-reduction technology, using attraction to achieve clean air quality.

The systems are a sustainable, efficient and noise free solution to poor air quality and fine particulate matter reduction.

StaticAir – Findures

FINDURES has been developed to reduce air pollution in the form of harmful aerosols, also known as fine particulate matter at workplaces. FINDURES optimizes the air quality in industrial environments. As a modular closed system, FINDURES is universally applicable.

StaticAir – Pamares

This system is usually used outdoors. An easily adjustable ‘cuff’ that sits around existing (light) poles, ‘PAMARES’ ensures continuous outdoor protection for people experiencing the negative health effects of air pollution.

StaticAir – PMR-Tube

The PMR-Tube system is the flagship indoor air pollution solution from StaticAir. The system has been developed to improve indoor air quality and reduce at least 80% of fine particulate matter in the air, reducing effects of air pollution on the environment.

StaticAir – PMX

PMX is a larger variant of the ‘PAMARES’, which reduces fine particulate matter in the immediate indoor environment. It is designed to hang from the ceiling, and uses static to remove dust and particulate from the air.


Dust Suppression:

Construction & Demolition

Quarrying & Mining

Bulk handling & Transfer


Quarantine Areas

Goods and Vehicles

Public Spaces

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