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Odour Consultancy
& Assessment


Odour management and assessment are critical considerations for many industrial sectors that are required to minimise their risk of odour pollution and comply with planning and permitting regulations such as the Environment Agency’s H4 Odour Management Guide.

Spectrum’s independent consultancy department can deliver a variety of accredited odour impact assessment and odour management plan services tailored to resolve odour nuisance cases and provide guidance through the environmental permitting or planning process.  

Key services we offer


We offer odour impact assessments in support of bespoke environmental permit and planning applications which includes:

  • Odour Dispersion Modelling Assessments provide a quantitative measurement of the odour impact of a proposed or existing site on the nearby environment.
  • The results of the assessment help establish that the odour risk is below regulatory limits leading to the approval of planning or permitting consents. 
  • Odour Impact Assessment and olfactory field surveys measure the real-life odour impact of a site on the surrounding areas.
  • Assessments of this nature provide an evidenced based approach to establishing the true Impact of a site and can be combined with complaint analysis. 
  • Such assessments are conducted in accordance with the Institute of Air Quality Management guidance on the assessment of odour for planning.  
  • Ambient air monitoring assessments use real time analytical instruments to identify and quantify the levels of specific odorous compounds
  • along a site boundary at sensitive receptor locations.
    Typical applications include: 
    • Site boundary monitoring  
    • Odour nuisance investigations  

Odour emissions monitoring & Abatement system testing

An all-in-one site monitoring and laboratory analysis service providing customers with accredited odour emissions data that can assist in the following applications: 

  • Demonstrating compliance with environmental permit and 
    odour management plan conditions.
  • Odour Efficiency Assessments and performance appraisals
    of Biofilter and Carbon filter abatement systems. 
  • Provision of accredited odour emissions data for use in
    odour dispersion modelling and odour impact assessments. 
  • Odour emission inventories and process optimisation trials. 
site odour sampling

Odour management plans: 

Odour consultancy and management services provide an approved framework for assessing and minimising the potential odour risks associated with a proposed development or existing installation. 

An effective odour management plan will evaluate the scale and nature of any site odour sources and select the most appropriate control measures that comply with best available technique for that specific industry sector: 

  • Waste treatment guidance 
  • Chemical sector guidance  
  • Mechanical biological treatment  
  • Anaerobic digestion  

For more information about odour consultancy call +44 (0) 1905 362 100