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Air Quality Consultancy – Spectrum Environmental Support

Air Spectrum’s consultancy branch- Spectrum Environmental Support – offers a range of air quality assessment and monitoring services. These include air quality impact assessments, occupational exposure monitoring and dust assessments. We also offer services to support assessment and control of industrial and environmental odours.

Our services can support clients with planning applications, compliance with environmental permitting, achieving health and safety regulations and controlling workplace exposure risks.

Both our dust and odour assessments can provide management plans to assess and evaluate the risks and impacts and provide an appropriate control measure resulting in effective odour and dust solutions.

We also have a UKAS accredited on-site laboratory – Spectrum OdourLab. OdourLab offers a variety of odour-related testing and analysis, along with training and acuity activities. These services provide certified data to support assessment and control of odour emissions in line with environmental permitting and international regulatory standards such as BS EN 13725 :2003.

UKAS Accredited Odour Laboratory

Extensive laboratory sampling and analysis methods for odour determination in accordance with certification standards.

Odour Consultancy & Assessment

Specialist odour consultancy options for a range of industries and environments with odour related issues.

Air Quality Monitoring

A variety of tests and evaluations for the monitoring and assessment of air quality and pollution both indoor and out.

Material and Product Testing

Tailored service for identifying and assisting with odour related issues in product investigations and developments.

Occupational Hygiene

Monitoring and analysis of potentially harmful health and safety risks in the workplace in compliance with COSHH regulations.

Dust Assessments

Array of impact, speciation and management plans and analysis for the assessment and control of site-specific issues related to dust.

Equipment to support our consultancy services

We pride ourselves in using the best equipment to get the most accurate results for our clients. We stock a range of air quality monitors and boundary sensors that we use when making site assessments. Our OdourLab benefits from a great range of olfactometry equipment. We also offer a range of equipment that clients can hire from us directly.

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