DST Dust Suppression Additive

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Description and technical specification

DST is a dust suppression additive, designed to bind with dust and keep it from clouding. We offer a range of DST additives for multiple applications including; road dust, stockpile and construction. We also offer a bespoke service for individual applications and can blend a DST solution based on requirements of the site.

How does DST work? 

DST is a polymer-based formula designed to be used with fogging/dampening systems. It coats dust, keeping it from clouding and helping to keep the air clear.

Where can DST be used? 

DST can be used anywhere dust is an issue, this includes; Construction, Heavy road traffic, Quarrying and Mining, Waste sites and Stockpiling areas.

How is DST applied?

DST can be applied using a range of misting/fogging equipment such as the Air Spectrum Rotary Atomiser or Quattro unit.

Formulas and Applications

Please note – bespoke formulas can be blended for specific requirements, contact us for more information.

DST Road Light has been specifically designed to control dust caused by vehicular traffic. Essentially by making water “sticky” the dust particles bind together making larger/heavier briquettes or crust that will resist truck tyres and remain hard without producing any dust for several weeks. DST Road Light is a vinyl polymer and is a very efficient dust compaction and soil binding agent. With the correct dosage, it will form a high resistant and waterproof coating. 

DST Road Pro is a stronger version of Dst Road Light, it is little more concentrated for the heavier used roads and sites. It has been designed for various specific applications, such as road constructions, mining operations, quarries and tracks. Its use will reduce the number of passes required in road surface treatment, bringing down the resulting treatment cost. 

DST Stockpile has been developed for the control of dust released from embankments, ore stockpiles, mining operations and quarries (conveyors) and soil waterproofing. It has been developed for its film-forming, surface-coating properties. DST Stockpile essentially works by forming a protective cover over the target area without changing the constitution of the stock.  


At Air Spectrum we also offer a ‘call-off’ based service for chemical additives for convenience, ease and flexibility. Our call off service is a pre-pay service for 6-month, 12-month or 24-month blocks of chemical delivery. During this time, simply pick up the phone when you need the chemical and we will get it sent out the door as a priority. Once the initial payment is made you will not need to worry about any additional financial paperwork when calling off your chemical, there will be no extra charges as we work out all the costs right from the start ensuring complete transparency throughout your subscription.  

Our subscriptions can be based on any one of our chemical additives, more than one fragrance and range can be included. We also offer a multi-service agreement including our maintenance program and chemical call-off service.  

We don’t offer standard packages; all agreements and subscriptions are designed for each individual site requirement guaranteeing a service that is right for you.  

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