DC-50 Dust Cannon

Suitable for: Dust, Odour, Disinfection

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Description and technical specification

The DC50 can be used for a variety of applications including dust suppression, disinfection and decontamination.  

The DC50 create a fine mist of water droplets using jet nozzles located on the front of the cannon head. The mist is driven forwards with a strong air flow generated by a powerful fan at the rear of the cannon. The mist reach/throw is around 50m for a DC50 – this is dependant on weather conditions and can be reduced or improved based on these.

The DC50 cannon head can rotate up to 350°, allowing for maximum coverage and accessibility. The DC50 can be powered straight from a mains input or be supplied with a generator. All cannons come with a 2000L water bowser. 

Various trailer options are available for moving the equipment around site. We also offer road-legal towable options. 

Technical Specification

Range (m): 50 meters (still conditions)
Sprayed area: (m2) 7,860
Droplet size: (μm) 50-150
Nozzles: (pcs) 36
Fan: (kW) 6.5
Pump: (kW) 5.5
Filter: (μm) 200
Minimum input water pressure: (bar) 10
Water consumption: (l/h) up to 8,000
Horizontal turning radius: (°) 0-350
Vertical elevation radius: (°) 0-70
Power supply: 3×400 VAC, 50 Hz, 14.5 kVA
Pressure water connection: DN25
Weight without trailer: (kg) 170
Weight with trailer: (kg) 309


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