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StaticAir – Findures


An eco-friendly, easy-to-use, and innovative air and fine particulate matter pollution solution.

Provided to a range of industries, StaticAir systems can be integrated indoor and outdoor to reduce the effects of air pollution. StaticAir offers a revolutionary alternative in dust-reduction technology, using attraction to achieve clean air quality.

The systems are a sustainable, efficient and noise free solution to poor air quality and fine particulate matter reduction.

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    Description and technical specification

    An eco-friendly, easy-to-use, and innovative air and fine particulate matter pollution solution.

    StaticAir offers clean air solutions to a range of industries and environments, removing dust from the air and improving overall air quality. The StaticAir systems improve the effects of air pollution whilst ensuring environmental sustainability is a priority.

    StaticAir Findures in factory

    FINDURES has been developed to reduce air pollution in the form of harmful aerosols, also known as fine particulate matter at workplaces. FINDURES optimizes the air quality in industrial environments. As a modular closed system, FINDURES is universally applicable.

    Key features:

    • Up to 50% particulate matter reduction in the indoor environment (depending on various environmental conditions)
    • Reduces all types of fine dust, such as: exhaust fumes, building material, metallic substance, fungi, bacteria, viruses etc. 
    • Reduces all sizes of (ultra-) fine dust PM0.1 to PM10 
    • Simple control with LED indication 
    • Contributes to a healthy living and working environment 
    • Energy-efficient 
    • Quiet 
    • Safe for humans and animals 
    • No moving parts 
    • Easy to install 
    • Easy to operate 
    • Modular construction 
    • Low maintenance
    • Smart City ready (IoT)

    StaticAir Findures air pollution reduction system

    StaticAir Findures system to reduce air pollution

    StaticAir Findures air pollution reduction system


    • Drive-thru’s
    • Transportation
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Car Parks & Garages
    • Metals Industry

    how it works:

    environment, using an electrostatic wire, a high positive voltage is applied. The charge from the electrostatic wires ionize the fine particulate matter which then attracts to a grounded frame on the system, effectively removing dust, pollen, mould, bacteria and viruses from the air.


    Mounting OptionsCeiling
    Dimensions L x W x H5000 x 400 x 1000MM
    Net Weight75KG
    Power Supply120/230v

    Additional information


    Airgloss ProSense unit – including software, Airgloss

    Software Subscription

    AirGloss Prosense unit WITHOUT premium annual software subscription, AirGloss Prosense unit WITH premium annual software supscription

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