Odour Consultancy
& Assessment

Air Spectrum’s specialist odour consultancy department – Spectrum Environmental Support – provides advisory and assessment services to clients from industry, agriculture, waste management and regulatory bodies on issues that concern odour.

Assessing and regulating odour emissions and their associated impacts plays a vital role in guiding new or existing installations through the planning and environmental permitting process.

Odour impact assessment services offer a range of monitoring and analytical tools to ensure sites have the correct data they require to demonstrate compliance with planning policy, permit consent conditions and resolve nuisance complaints.

Examples of how odour impact assessments can be applied to the management of odour include:

  • Advanced air dispersion modelling software enables odour emissions to be modelled which can substantiate if the impact from a site complies with recommended planning or permitting guidelines
  • Odour management plans provide advice and detail how new developments will mitigate against odour pollution and ensure that best available technique (BAT) and planning policy criteria are satisfied.
  • Site specific odour emission surveys and inventories conducted inline with BS EN 13725 can assist sites in complying with permitted emission limit values.
  • Field odour surveys and odour impact assessment services enable the real life odour impact of potential odour nuisance to be assessed and evaluated against planning policy criteria in line with the IAQM guidance.
  • Real-time monitoring systems such as ODORPREP provide clients with the opportunity to substantiate and investigate odour complaints in a timely manner enabling the true odour source to be confirmed.
  • Commissioning of odour control systems and abatement system acceptance trials provide stakeholders with key data to demonstrate compliance with environmental regulatory limits
  • Bespoke monitoring programmes can also be used to assist in system design.

In addition to our core services we also undertake site specific odour nuisance investigations to help organisations resolve complaints and optimise site controls.

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