Five Ways To Improve Your Air Quality: Infographic

Make your work environment safer.



  • The only way to keep AQ healthy long-term
  • Removes harmful particulates whilst keeping out outdoor pollution
  • Filters our gases and particulates such as PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10

Air purifiers

  • A good short-term alternative to ventilation
  • HEPA filtered units remove contaminants
  • An additional Carbon Filter will remove VOC’s
  • Check the ‘Air Changes Per Hour’ rate and make sure you choose one powerful enough for the room size you intend to use it in.

Temperature & humidity

  • Keeping a relatively cool temperature will help keep biological contaminants and bay
  • Maintaining a 30-60% humidity level will help to control mould and dust
  • Make sure to keep Air Conditioners and Heaters clean to prevent re-contamination

Regular Cleaning

  • Vacuum regularly, but only when staff aren’t in the office to avoid unnecessary exposure to contaminants, after working hours is best
  • Use a HEPA filter equipped vacuum
  • Pay close attention to areas that get warm or damp
  • Use organic cleaning products to avoid VOC’s

Low voc products

  • VOC’s are given off by a lot of office equipment including: printers/copiers, electronic devices and furniture
  • New products are the most toxic
  • Avoid paints, stains and sealants with high VOC’s, composite woods and furniture padding using polyurethane foam.

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