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Description and technical specification

FlyGoPro is a non-toxic commercial insecticide / insect control additive. Whilst fatal to both flying and crawling insects, it is non-hazardous, non-flammable and carries no known risk to humans or animals in the vicinity. It is a natural, plant-derived product, harnessing the power of lavender oil and natural coconut with citrus extracts. 

How does FlyGoPro work? 

FlyGoPro is an adhesive formula, which when applied directly to the insects, breaks down the wax coating on the body, causing dehydration and subsequent death. It is this unique physical action that works on flies, eggs, larvae and pupae that makes FlyGoPro incredibly efficient and effective. FlyGoPro breaks the lifecycle of the insect, helping to prevent re-infestation.  

Where can FlyGoPro be used? 

FlyGoPro is perfect for use for all forms of waste sites; landfills, composting, animal housings, hospitals, farming, food storage, slaughterhouses and anywhere where insects are a problem. 

How is FlyGoPro applied?

FlyGoPro can be applied using an Air Spectrum Rotary atomiser, Mini Vortex fan or any compatible misting system. A common method of application is using a backpack sprayer, either as an atmospheric space spray, or a direct-to-surface spray. 

Infestation Strength 

A variety of strengths are available, depending on the level of the current infestation. The higher the level, the more concentrated the formula is.  

FlyGoPro 1: light infestation 

FlyGoPro 2: moderate infestation 

FlyGoPro 3: heavy infestation  

FlyGoPro 4: extreme infestation 


Space Spray 1 litre per 1000 cubic metres of space. 
Surface Spray 1 litre per 20 square metres of surface area. 


At Air Spectrum we also offer a ‘call-off’ based service for chemical additives for convenience, ease and flexibility. Our call off service is a pre-pay service for 6-month, 12-month or 24-month blocks of chemical. During this time, simply pick up the phone when you need the chemical and we will get it sent out the door as a priority. Once the initial payment is made you will not need to worry about any additional financial paperwork when calling off your chemical, there will be no extra charges as we work out all the costs right from the start ensuring complete transparency throughout your subscription.  

Our subscriptions can be based on any one of our chemical additives, more than one fragrance and range can be included. We also offer a multi-service agreement including our maintenance program and chemical call-off service.  

We don’t offer standard packages; all agreements and subscriptions are designed for each individual site requirement guaranteeing a service that is right for you.  

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