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Disinfection & Decontamination

We provide to a range of industries requiring disinfectant and decontamination products and services. Our range of disinfectant chemical additive – ASE Disinfect is an all-in-one multi-purpose disinfectant, designed to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. ASE Disinfect is completely bio-degradable making it an eco-friendly product that leaves nothing bad behind for the environment.

Effective both indoors and outdoors, ASE Disinfect can be purchased pre-diluted and ready to use as a wipe down agent for smaller applications. Offices and workplaces can benefit from ASE Disinfect to create a safer and cleaner environment. For more industrial uses, ASE Disinfect can be supplied as a concentrate for larger applications, for example, to be used in fogging systems or backpack sprayers. Our systems suitable for ASE Disinfect include Backpack Sprayers and Vortex 440 for smaller applications or Rotary Atomisers, Quattro 4-in-1 and Pacific Nozzle-line systems for larger areas or boundary approaches.

Typical applications of our disinfectant and decontamination range include, waste processing sites, offices and working environments, food-related industries, and factories. Some common methods of application include vehicle arches in conjunction with pacific systems, to disinfect vehicles.

For an eco-friendly disinfection solution, ASE Disinfect is created with a bio-degradable formula, meaning nothing damaging to the environment is left behind. The formula makes for environmentally safe use and use around humans and animals. 

Part of our disinfectant and decontamination range includes a HEPA-13 UVC Air Purifier, designed to clean the air in indoor environments. 


Rotary Atomisers

Using water and a powerful fan, RA’s spray a fine mist 15-20m+ to effectively spray disinfectant over a large area.

Pacific Systems

Available as fixed or mobile solutions, pacific systems are made up of nozzle-line that forms a perimeter system.

Vortex Mobile Fan

Easy transportable and compact, the Vortex Mini Fan is ideal for smaller, enclosed spaces.


4-in-1 effective defence against odour. Combines a pacific nozzle-line system with a handheld jet wash lance, spray bar and extending rainmaker.

Disinfection Chemicals

Kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. ASE Disinfect is used either as a wipe-down solution or alongside our fogging equipment.

Backpack Sprayer

Ideal for handheld disinfection applications, with a 25L capacity and fine mist spray.

Services to support our disinfection range

In addition to solutions, we also offer expert-led assessment disinfection services via Spectrum Environmental Services, our consultancy branch. Air Quality Monitoring services are available to ensure the problem is kept under control. We also offer a range of Odour Control Additives and Non-toxic Insecticides.

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