Rotary Atomiser

Suitable for: Odour, Disinfection, Cooling


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Description and technical specification

Rotary Atomisers are available as a mobile or fixed solution for a variety of applications including; odour control, dust suppression, disinfection and cooling.

The Rotary Atomiser is a powerful system, using rotary centrifugal energy to force liquid into a finely atomised mist, which is projected forward by a fan at the back of the unit. It can be set to produce a variety of different droplet sizes allowing it to be adjusted to suit each individual need, achieving the optimal droplet size to tackle the specific issue.  

Rotary Atomiser’s are available in wall mounted, ceiling mounted and mobile unit form, and are designed to provide excellent coverage in both indoor and outdoor environments. Fixed units such as wall or ceiling mounted equipment are mains operated. Mobile versions are mounted on a trailer with a 1125L water bowser for effective transportation. 

The system operates equally  efficiently with the addition of one of our chemical additives, such as the non-toxic odour neutralising ODR range. The correct amount of chemical additive (dependant on which range) is put directly into the 1125L bowser (for the mobile version – fixed RA’s include a dosing system) and water from a clean, potable supply is then added to top up. The Rotary Atomiser Mobile operates with a simple on/off switch and produces upto 15 to 20m of finely atomised mist, allowing close targeting of odour/dust and other applications.  

  • Highly energy efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • Flexible applications
  • Covers large areas and projects long distances


General Manufacturing 

Food and drink manufacturing 

Pharmaceutical manufacturing 

Remediation sites 

Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs) 

Waste facility reception areas 

Construction and demolition sites 

Effluent treatment plants 

Additional information

System type

Fixed systems, Mobile systems

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